Sunday, August 16, 2009

This really bugs me...

While I was searching for a pic to illustrate the last post. I encountered countless blogs and web pages that ranked on Americans for being so fat. I will not claim there are no fat Americans, of course there are a lot of fat Americans.

And, there are a lot of fat Germans, and Italians, and Irish, and Swedes, and....

About the only peoples in the world who aren't terribly fat by percentage these days are the ones who do not have all the modern conveniences of refrigeration, canning, and getting fruits, grains, and vegetables out of season. This is really true. Research it yourself, if you don't believe me.

Think about this one.

Speaking of overweight...

I'm currently watching "Food Detectives." If you haven't seen it, it's a pseudo-scientific show about food myths and related topics. I seldom watch it, because their idea of scientific experimentation basically, well, sucks. But, it, of course, is geared to the average audience, and, I suppose this is therefore to be expected. The entertainment factor, of course, is much more important than is actual science. Only geeks watch shows that contain real science, and geeks don't fall for the advertising they sell on such shows. So, geeks are just about no one's target audience.

Anyhoo, the current rerun is talking about how to avoid over-eating when you go to an all-you-can-eat place. I suppose this might be a valid concern if you go to buffet places daily, or even once a week. I, however, don't go to these places very often, and when I do, by golly, I'm gonna get my money's worth. I'm not going to worry about counting calories. The whole point of a buffet, in my opinion, is conspicuous consumption.

However, if you avoid the carbs and the sugary stuff, you should be able to pork-out to the point where your stomach is complaining, and still not gain weight. The key is in what you eat, and not so much in how much you eat. However, be aware that in a lot of Asian cuisine, sugar plays a major part in nearly every dish. But, no matter the cuisine, eat the meat, and avoid the rice, potatoes, mac and cheese, and so on, and you'll be fine.